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Home remedy for perfect your skin 2021.

Home remedy for perfect your skin 2021.

Home remedy for perfect your skin 2021.

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Perfect skin is one among only a couple of things that each girl prays to God for even more. Not frequently. seems like we're making tons of requests. Today duringeo i will be able to share something.

Why our skin get damaged? 

which is your epidermis. So this barrier helps to keep irritants and pollutants out and keep water in.
If you're into skincare, you may have heard the term transepidermal water loss.Your barrier is largely responsible for reducing transepidermal water loss. So there's three elements to your skin's barrier.

Firstly, we've got your microbiome or all the bacteria that help to maintain healthy skin on the outermost surface. Then we've got your acid mantle. which to keep a healthy balance, should sit at a pH of around five to 5.5. And then we've got your lipid barrier, which is made up of cholesterol, fatty acids, and ceramides. So an impaired barrier.

Again, if you're into skincare, that's probably another phrase that you've heard. So an impaired barrier refers to when this defence, being your barrier is compromised. which can lead to a whole raft of complications that trust me, you don't wanna deal with.

Why our skin get damaged?

Image source- youtube

There's a number of factors that can cause an impaired barrier or contribute to an impaired barrier. So these include overexfoliation with both chemical and physical formulas.

the use of retinoids or overuse of retinoids.

If you've ever tried vitamin A, you might've noticed
you have a little bit of a retinoid response, which would cause a little bit of redness, sensitivity, flaking. Then we have the overuse of stripping or drying ingredients like surfactant. which you'll often find in different kinds of cleansers, using the wrong products for your skin.

For example, if you've got dry skin and using products designed for oilier skins, then we've got environmental factors. So a change in humidity.
That always dries out my lips, for sure. I'm dealing with that right now. And then of course, sun exposure as well. So how would you know if you had an impaired barrier?

Well, luckily, our skin kind of talks to us in a way and this is how I always know that something's going wrong with my skin because it will start to show up. If your skin feels tight after cleansing, that can be an indicator of an impaired barrier as well as if you experience redness, sensitivity, dryness, flaking or even texture as well. Breakouts can worsen as well with an impaired barrier.
And also, if you have existing breakouts, you might find that the healing time is much slower. And an important note is dehydration. So oily skins can still be dehydrated because it refers to lack of water in the skin.
So why is it so important to maintain a healthy barrier?

So it really is important to maintain a healthy skin barrier to prevent skin dehydration. And then also to keep those pollutants and irritants that I mentioned earlier out of the skin and on our bodies in general. So if you suspect you might have an impaired barrier, lucky you, this is what you need to do. Start by going back to basics and opting for a gentle cleanser, moisturiser and SPF to start with. Ingredients like fragrance and essential oils can cause more irritation. So they're best to avoid if you can.
Which will assist you in reducing the dull spots All over.

Remedy to perfect your skin.

1. Full Earth Powder

Much thought is given about Multani Mitti.

Viable to eliminate pigmentation from your skin.

Make gum out of full pastry powder.

rose water and juice 

Apply it back on your unblemished face leave it for quarter-hour 

and wash it after you'll use it

Pack several times in seven days

2. Two Potatoes

Potato acts as an excellent blanche for you.

You can also apply potato juice directly to your skin.

Leave it for 10 minutes and wash afterwards.

Or on the opposite hand you'll also crush the bubbling potato mixture. This with curd and later you'll apply this gum.

Leave it on your face for 10 to fifteen minutes. and wash it after

3. Three Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood is another super fixing. which may help in removing blemishes from your face.

Make gum out of sandalwood powder and

cucumber juice

Apply it around and wash . after 10 minutes.

Are you hoping to eliminate dull spots?

Enough off your face.

Then, at that time the Glowing Dull Spot Corrector Cream is that the account you. It reduces the marks of skin breakage. Blurs age spots.

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