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Home remedy to get rid from wrinkles.

Home remedy to get rid from wrinkles.

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Hello guys, I'm gonna share anti_wrinkle routine with you guys. And just in( 15 days) use of this you can get rid of your wrinkles. It's very effective who are facing wrinkles in an early age.

Let's start for an under eye wrinkles :

When you rise up early within the morning, don't need to apply oil on your face, just take thumb and middle finger and start exercise.

It'll also work to get large eyes. Wrinkles are always on right side of the eye. Have exercise in opposite positions.

3 home remedy to get rid from wrinkles

That you'll use them afternoon. Follow the one that suits you. Wash your face

1. remedy 

Almond oil, Castor oil: it's very effective for skin tighting. If you haven't any one of this then take coconut oil. Take one drop of both oils and mix them well. Castor oil is very thick, to overcome its thickness add almond oil in it.

Follow the exercise. This oil will tighten your skin. Exercises are the best one to get rid of all problems. Have massage of 5 minutes daily.

Three remedies for afternoon.

Take Fresh yogurt, Alovera gel, Cocumber juice, and Mix them well

Apply on your face whole face or under eyes.

2. remedy is:

Fresh one tea spoon of yogurt, Honey, and rose water. These remedies are magical

3. remedy:

Termeric powder : it's very inflammatory and will help you to tighten the skin, half teaspoon of almod oil. You may use coconut oil instead of almond oil. These are the best scrubs. One table spoon of Cocumber juice. Mix all that well and apply for 3-5 minutes.

I hope you'll like my three remedies that you can use afternoon and exercisein morning.

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