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How to Lose Weight 2021.

How To Lose Weight 2021.

Top 10 ways To Lose Weight 2021.

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Hello friends, in this lockdown people are getting fat sitting at home. Weight is increasing day by day, have become lazy, feeling lazy to do anything. I am also feeling lazy to study and it has become difficult to get out of the house due to the lockdown. So in such a situation how to reduce weight, but friends, do not worry. But friends, do not worry, for this I have brought a hundred percent working home remedies. With which you will start seeing the change as soon as you use it. Within a week or two, you will become slim and you will start looking very smart. Your friends will start praising you and in such a situation you will get a very good feeling. But if friends, you have to use this recipe continuously. If you use it occasionally, you will hardly see any change and your weight will decrease only a little. So you have to do this recipe continuously for a month which you will become slim and you will be worthy of praise in front of people. First of all, friends, let me tell you what is the reason for obesity.

What is the reason of obesity.

What is the reason of obesity.

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As you know friends, this lockdown has been done due to Corona. So that everyone stays at home and stay safe. But the weight of people is increasing while living in the house. There can be many reasons for this like some people used to go to work and offices everyday. Due to which his weight was balanced. She ran for work and due to stress, her weight was normal. But in this lockdown, all of them are not able to go to work and they are passing their day sitting at home. Due to this his weight is also increasing and he is also becoming lazy. By the way, friends, this lockdown will open one day and you will have to go to work. That's why you have to keep your weight in balance.

The second reason for obesity is junk food and oily food. People go out and eat junk food and eat oily fried food. Oily food, which is a storehouse of many fats, contains about 60% fat content. Which increases fat. And which causes obesity. People are increasing their fat and increasing weight by eating outside junk food and oily food. Which if it will be very harmful for your health because obesity is a sign of many diseases. It is not right for you at all, so save yourself from obesity in time and control your food, now I tell what to do for weight loss.

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Avoid oily and spicy food:

Friends, I told that there is 99% fat in oily food and spicy food, so if you want to control your weight, then do not eat oily and spicy food at all. This will keep you healthy and healthy too. Eating oily food only increases weight, there is no benefit.

Drink green tea and drink lemonade. 

Drinking green tea also does not hurt your stomach because green tea contains an antioxidant substance that does not allow fat to grow. By drinking this, fat will not increase your stomach and your weight will be under control.

Lemonade does not set fast because the antioxidant substance in lemon which cuts the set is why you drink lemonade regularly. With this you will also be healthy and your immune system will also be fine and your weight will not increase.

Exercise and do housework. 

Exercising improves blood circulation in your body. Due to which your body remains fit and provides a copy to your body, by exercising, you stay healthy and stay fit.

Doing household chores is also an exercise of the body, such as mopping, washing dishes, all these exercise your body, like mopping exercises your waist and hands, singing also your spine. And hand is an exercise, washing the rattan exercises your hand, it means that doing home is also equal to doing an exercise, do household chores every day, your weight will not increase and you will also be healthy.

Go to the gym if possible.

 You can also go to the gym to control your weight, there are many such machines in the gym, your legs are exercised, your hands are exercised, you have exercises, your whole body is exercised and you Staying fit, your stomach will not even come out and you remain fit and slim.

Do jogging, do cycling.

 Jogging keeps the legs fit at all and your stomach does not even come out Come out and you will be fit.

Do cycling, ride a bicycle, your legs are also exercised by cycling and your stomach does not even come out, even by running you will be fit and your balance will remain.

Do not use lift. 

Do not use the lift because by using the lift you are becoming lazy day by day, it is also increasing your weight because by coming down from the lift, your leg is not being exercised, you are getting a lot of rest. That's why whenever you go to any of the higher floors, go to the higher floors, then only use the stairs, this will also exercise your legs and your stomach will not come out, people stay fit by using birds as much as possible. You may not use the lift. And stay healthy and clean.

Drink more and more water. Drink as much as you can but don't drink too much water.

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